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What People Have Said About Gerry's Music:

“It would not be an understatement to say that Gerry has a wide-ranging approach to playing piano. Few pianists can play jazz and classical music equally well and with their own musical personality. He is an expressive classical musician who puts plenty of feeling into his thoughtful renditions of classics. He is also an excellent jazz artist with his own sound who gives popular compositions the same respect that he does the classical works while displaying the freedom to make the songs his own. Gerry is a talent well worth discovering.” 
-- Scott Yanow, jazz journalist/historian and author

“I really like what you’re doing musically.” 
-- Kenny Burrell, jazz legend

“Gerry’s conflation of classical training and jazz intuition has enabled him to indulge his keen understanding of counterpoint, structure, harmony and the arc of musical narrative . . . His improvisations are lovely and mood changing. His interesting use of registration and voice leading successfully connects the musical dots . . .” 
-- Daniel Kepl, orchestra conductor & classical music critic

“Gerry’s subtle mastery is a delightful journey of compelling ideas and soulful passion. Bravo!! We want more.”
-- Bob Johnson, CEO, BlackLight Entertainment

“Your music is beautiful.”
-- Mary Mazur, Chief Operating Officer, KCET public television

“Great work in the studio today; it's such a pleasure working with a pro like you!”
-- Mia Riverton, BDC Films


“I love your music. I play it often and I find it comforting and uplifting. It is on now. Thanks for all your beautiful music!”
-- Mallory Greener, Slick+Slicker Designs

“What wonderful, evocative music. You are terrific, not to mention versatile . . . from Brubeck to Chopin . . . I love it!”
-- Angela Shelley, Real Life Productions

“We love listening to Gerry's CDs when we cater and travel from one location to another. Tender, warm, kind, subtle . . . wonderful CDs!”
-- Atsumi and Allie, LA Cravers Catering

“Thank you for the amazing talent you shared with us. We were all truly blessed . . . and entertained . . . You were the frosting on a beautiful cake.”
-- Laura Thompson, President, Pasadena Museum of History; CEO, Your Great Event

“I really loved your music. I thought it was the best music I ever heard. I’m glad I got to hear you. The reason I tipped you is because I really liked your music. I will never ever forget your great music. And again I really loved your music.”
-- Katherine S., an 11-year-old fan

“Just as I was leaving work, I received a beautiful gift from Gerry Bryant, his latest CD. Naturally, the first thing I did when I got to my car was to put it on for my drive home. The music that filled the car took me away. I was transcended from my daily commute. By the time I realized that my autopilot had been hijacked, I had already missed my exit! Of course I was happy to take the Interpretations musical journey in exchange for an altered route home.” 
-- Kathleen Abing, KCET On-Air Promo Producer

“I really love your CDs. I haven't stopped listening. . . It's been the soundtrack of my life. I also really like your own compositions. What a virtuoso you are!”
-- Corbett Barklie, Arts Consultant/Producer

“. . . so heartfelt. . .”
-- K.B.

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